Pace – Concrete Walls

As summer rolls around the corner and the heatwaves arrive, making us want to do nothing but spend our days lounging around in the sun, going to the beach and sipping a cool drink with our shades on, we can expect a new wave of summer bangers. We’ll have the heavy pop hitters drop the synth driven, danceable anthems but we’ll also have artists like Pace, delivering laidback scintillating tracks with a funky undertone that’s impossible to resist. Concrete Walls is an evolution of his sonic identity, whilst his previous drops were more nostalgia driven chilled out electronic pieces of music (think Jungle with a bit of Jamiroquai thrown in there), here he goes with a more rustic sound. Gone are the electronics and in its place are slick 70’s funk influenced basslines, lush guitar licks littered around the soundscape and an unrelenting percussion that gets your foot tapping and head bopping. The hook, “fly away my friend,” perfectly sums this single up, it makes you feel like you’re floating above the skyscrapers below, flying through clouds and living a serene life.

Get this added to your summer playlist and, if you feel so inclined, be sure to check out the rest of Pace’s discography. Whether it be his early hip hop singles or more up to date laidback electronic marvels, he’s sure to have something for everyone.

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