Conan Gray – Superache

There’s always been a touch of theatricality surrounding Conan Gray’s music. His grandiose brand of confessional pop is the equivalent of a mini documentary, letting you see every nook and cranny of the story he utters to let you paint your own vivid image of how it all unfolds. On top of that ever since his debut we’ve been able to bare witness to his growth, he how his views have changed over the years, how his personality has altered and how he’s become one of the big upcoming male pop stars of this generation. It’s always been a waiting game for him. Waiting for just the right moment for his authentic songwriting to take flight and hit the heights we all know he can reach. With his album Superache, it seems that day has finally arrived.

The album is filled with heart-wrenching ballads designed to soundtrack your late night crying sessions (Movies, Astronomy, Yours, Summer Child) but also has anthems that make you want to leap into action and lose all control of your body (People Watching, Disaster, Jigsaw, Best Friend, Memories). I mentioned the theatricality of his sound earlier, it all begins to make sense as you go through the album and piece by piece put together the story, turning this into a more contemporary musical soundtrack. You feel the highs and crushing lows, you’re able to become attached to the lead character in the one man show, but it’s the all encompassing love driven finale The Exit that will leave you awe-struck. Conan Gray’s time has arrived, he’s ready to become a force to be reckoned with.

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