Zane Christopher – Young

Zane Christopher. Remember the name. The 22-year-old Los Angeles-based, New England bred singer-songwriter has just released his anticipated sophomore single “Young” and let’s just say the wait was more than worth it. An infectious and feel-good sound that brings back memories of carefree nights with friends under the summer sky. Listeners are treated to an indie-folk arrangement of acoustic guitars, larger than life drums, and soothing vocal harmonies. “I used to be afraid of the light but now I see!” Produced with Jon Gilbert (best known for successes with Mt. Joy and Adam Melchor), “Young” introduces the batch of songs with Zane’s signature 5-piece live sound.

The single also features audio from Zane’s grandfather, Ralph, who passed away last year. The candid audio clip sets the foundation of the message of the song, which is to break out of the chronological mold of ‘young’ and ‘old’ and to celebrate life.

Speaking on the new single Zane described that, “I’m really happy Ralph (my grandfather) made the final cut of ‘Young.’ I was lucky enough to have my voice memos recording to catch the 86-year-old’s remark “we’re young baby, yeah we’re young baby!” which is featured in the song. At that time, I didn’t really know what the song meant to me, but, as things evolved, the vision became more clear that this record was about celebrating life and living in the moment together.”

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