Cub Sport – Always Got the Love


In their new era of music, the Australian band Cub Sport walk that fine line between euphoria and melancholia. Their intoxicating melodies uplifting you the highest of heights whilst their pensive lyrical display leaves you contemplating whatever story they’re endeavouring to tell. Today is no different with Always Got the Love being an anthem for love in its purest form, ignoring what other people may believe or the hatred the world is filled with and instead just living in the moment with your partner. This is the perfect song to soundtrack your Pride month and I’m certain Pride parades will have this blasting on repeat and can you really blame them for it? It’s emotional purity wrapped in a gossamer sonic sheet that is the sound of a celebration. Meaning you can get caught up in your emotions and pull shapes on the dancefloor that will boost your serotonin levels ten-fold. Eccentric, effervescent, extravagant and an all around excellent affair, this single is a simply mesmerising affair.

“I‘ve always felt like the songs that people can cry to are important but I think being able to celebrate and move is equally important and that’s kind of where I’m at right now.”

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