Yna – South Loop

The Filipina, queer, and female creative Yna knows how to craft emotionally evocative music that makes you feel like the main character in an Oscar winning tearjerker. Those moments where it’s raining and you look out the car window trying to imagine yourself in a sad movie, her music soundtracks those moments. Previous releases have created a crater of emotional devastation whenever they play, bringing us into the star filled universe she’s beautifully built as the stars align and our hearts swell with the earnest honesty she brings. If you’re looking for a powerful songstress who’s music will undoubtably feature in many CW shows, Gossip Girl reboot get onto this, then you’re ready to experience the sentimental wistfulness of Yna.

South Loop starts off with a whisper, the lullaby of a gentle guitar melody bringing you down to earth as her celestial vocal soars above the clouds with an ambient soundscape of echoing drums elevating her even higher til she’s in the stratosphere. However, the track soon begins to build, growing in passion as it rises to the peaks of Everest as the rumbles of euphonic excellence make their way across the landscape, meeting in the middle with an almighty eruption of emotive brilliance. This young musician might still be in school, but she’s graduating top of her class in the music department.

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