LostsOfficial – Bite Me


Chances are high that your first introduction to LostsOfficial would’ve been through TikTok. The young Canadian musician has remixed countless tracks from artists and performed them in-front of a wide variety of social media star who’ve all said the same thing, “damn this kid is talented.” They’re not wrong either. One listen to the wunderkinds discography and you’ll come across a sonic landscape that’s able to make you feel the whole spectrum of human emotion. Jubilance, melancholia, frustration, anxiety, fear, surprise, all of this and more comes from his sensational lyrics, but that’s not all because he’s also a seasoned performer. Going to a performing arts school he’s been able to take to the stage like a modern pop star effortlessly and it certainly shows in the music video for his latest track.

Bite Me is contagious. The hook has a tremendous amount of staying power, being able to become apart of your everyday life where you’ll find yourself humming the melody or wanting to yell the insatiable Bite Me line at someone who’s rubbed you the wrong way. It’s a rather outstanding piece of pop music with a phenomenal production that both allows the frustration of a relationship turning toxic to come through, but also the pride in knowing you walked away at the right time to find something better for yourself. It’s one of those singles that truly does belong on the radio, it even has an early 2010’s Bieber feel to it and I’m 100% here to see what this young artist can do next.

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