All I know is that when REMIEWORLD drops a live show I’m gonna be first in line to get tickets. His music always has an abundance of energy behind it that transcends onto you in a matter of moments, making you more hyped that ever for whatever you’re about to face in this hellish world. If you want to experience this for yourself then you just need to hop onto the blazing single TikTok that is without a doubt his best drop to date. His flow is filled to the brim with unreal amounts of personality, meaning that every lyric he delivers has so much character that you’d almost be convinced you were seeing the Genie from Aladdin drop some bars on a drill beat. Lyrics are top notch too, especially when you’ve got a hook like this that I can envision a crowd of people chanting back at him the second he drops this at a live show. Include a stellar music video on top of it and you’ve got a track and a half from this underground artist.

Honestly, the second REMIEWORLD drops his list of venues for any tour I’m copping a ticket. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be either so dive into his discography and get memorising the lyrics now!

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