vat x Oh well. – I can go far

When you combine two heavy hitters of the hyper pop world then you know damn well you’re going to get an anthem. So we shouldn’t be too surprised when vat and Oh well. combine forces to create a booming single filled with effervescent electronics that pulsate through your body and expressive vocals that pack an evocative punch that’s akin to an early 2000’s pop punk band. That’s what I adore about I can go far most of all, it’s a perfect balance between the emo music era of the early 2000’s and the explosive EDM sound that took over the world in the 2010’s, all whilst bringing this sound into the modern era with a hyper pop twist. Infuse all of this with unfiltered lyrics portraying both of their inner most thoughts that are hidden away amongst an avalanche of hidden emotions and you’ve got a truly spellbinding collaboration.

Both artist’s shine as individuals, creating small but loyal fanbases that’ve been lapping up their consistently high calibre music on a regular basis. Put them together and they radiate the same light you’d expect to see from the sun.

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