A booming bass line reverberating through your body, explosive electronics delivering heavy hitting blows like a heavyweight boxer, effervescent guitar riffs propelling you deeper into this expressive enigma and a choral chant reminiscent of frat parties. Sora didn’t just drop his debut single with a whimper and allowed it to disappear into the night, no he made sure all the bells and whistles were applied to the eclectic number that pulls you into his dynamic sonic world and, whether you like it or not, makes an instant impact. CARBON FIBER is something that will leave you in awe from start to finish, with a soundscape featuring so many jarring elements that all come clashing together in a euphonic collision, insightful lyrics with raw appeal and a distorted vocal, there’s something here for everyone. Your debut is always the most important release you’ll ever have, Sora has made it seem as easy as breathing as he delivers the two punch knock out. First listen and you’re hooked by the dynamism on offer, as well as the brooding underbelly the sonic landscape brings. Second listen and you’re floored by every minor detail you missed and left amazed at what you’ve heard.

Sora’s got a special spark to his craft. The type of spark that sets off a chain of events that ends up with him shining brighter than any star in the nights sky. Keep an eye on this one because I’m certain this is just the beginning.

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