Wario Slim – Because of You

If you remember the 2004 film Eurotrip then there’s a chance you’ll remember the now iconic track Scotty Doesn’t Know, a true testament to the time era of coming of age pop rock tracks that were littered throughout the early 2000’s. Well if this movie was created in this new decade then I’m certain Wario Slim’s latest single Because of You would be a contender to replace it. The rebellious anthem has a free spirited, devil may care attitude with the thumping drums and the grungy guitars making you want to throw caution to wind and drive off into the sunset with no hope in hell of ever looking back. His gritty vocal screams early 2000’s rock with you being able to feel every individual bit of pain he’s been going through, all whilst the lyrics create a visceral image of a relationship that’s on the ropes and, probably, for a good reason too. The magnetic pull of this track is undeniable and soon he’ll certainly be pulling many fans into his orbit, especially if he cracks out more anthems like this.

Keep an eye on this artist and his hard-hitting alternative rock tunes, he’s got a sound that’s ready to fill stadiums with the style and stage presence to back it up. We never know what the future holds but a Wario Slim concert is certainly in mine.

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