Celine Del Carmen – Purple

With purple being the colour of royalty it does make a lot of sense that the Miami native Celine Del Carmen has donned herself in this colour because her debut has the makings of pop royalty. Reminiscent of Taylor Swift during her 1989 era, Purple is tenderly beautiful pop straight from the offset with a production comprised of elegant guitar melodies gently being strummed over the top of slick drums and effervescent synths as she pours her heart out to us. It’s an unfiltered stream of conscious thoughts that would often remained closed in a diary for the world to never see, but Del Carmen shares this pain, uncertainty, and fear with us in the hope of becoming stronger herself and passing this empowering energy onto us. She finds things we all relate to about moving out of our home town, looking back at our old self and wondering if they’d be proud of who we are today as we transition into this new person, someone who can’t even recognise who they once were. Relatable and honest, you’ll soon be having flashbacks to your old self and how far you’ve come since then.

Be prepared to watch Celine Del Carmen grow with confidence and become an underrated pop supernova because this debut has got all the makings of a phenomenal pop star.

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