Willy P – Track Star

Willy P’s already proven that he knows how to tap into his conscience to find little tidbits from his life and turn them into relatable pieces of music that often lead to us wanting to better ourselves. His album Moon Child showcased that with absolute ease, just one listen and you’ll be going out into the world trying to make a difference on yourself, friends, family and even the world. Especially if you’re getting a degree in Global Environmental Sustainability, specialising in Climate Change, Environmental Security and Conflict Resolution, like he is. This 22 year old indie hip hop prodigy has the makings of greatness in him and he’s certainly not afraid to flex his creative muscles like he was at a bodybuilding competition. Just a brief 10 second listen to Track Star and you’ll be instantly impressed by what this budding musician and environmental activist has to offer.

We’ve all got that inner saboteur, that voice in the back of our head who tells us we can’t do anything, that we’re worthless and just unable to achieve anything we want. This track was designed to negate those thoughts. Focusing on creating a positive mental outlook for yourself, only letting good thoughts run through your mind about what is to come to push you further than you ever believed was possible. The infectious and groovy earworm wriggles its way deep into your head with his woozy vocal being played on a loop as the optimistic outlook of the lyrics soon become apart of you. Jubilant and joyous, what’s not to love?

Must Read