Nemahsis – paper thin


Magic. That is Nemahsis’s sound. Every note she sings is liquid gold because you can feel every ounce of emotion she’s pouring out with her debut what if i took it off showing this perfect, whilst going down as the best debut of 2021 in my eyes. Her angelic tone is simply divine, but what makes her music so special are her lyrics. The authenticity within her words is fresh yet classic, she evokes something deep within us and sees the emotions we’ve tried shoving deep down brought to light through her artistic portrayal of life in her home city of Toronto. She’s a truly special artist, a one in a million who’s intimate storytelling is shining a light on the struggles she’s faced and is becoming a generational talent. If you need more proof of this, then be prepared to be blown away with her latest single paper thin.

Her voice, the instrumentals, the melodies, the visualiser, everything comes together to create a haunting display. The intimate guitar lead ballad explores Nemahsis’s own insecurities she faced whilst growing up, mainly regarding her skin tone eyes as she explains; “I was taught to pray for whatever you want, and God will provide. I wasted two decades begging for fairer skin and lighter eyes; it became routine. I spent the majority of my life hating the features I currently love most about myself.” It’s a truly heartbreaking reality that many face and her heart-wrenchingly beautiful words provide a place of solace for people to find comfort in. Her music is simply unskippable and if there’s only one thing you can take from this track, let it be this lyric; “They won’t love you till you learn to love yourself.”

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