itcallsme i – Ghost

Characterised by a dreamy timbre that channels the ethereal beauty of the world surrounding us and industrial styled beats representing the more mechanical nature of our society, itcallsme i is a modern storyteller who leaves you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Her mysterious balance is akin to nature meeting technology, both juxtapose one another based on the sheer difference in their origins but, when put together in the right setting, can create wonder unlike we’ve never seen. She seems to fully understand this because Ghost is both charmingly magical with the pixie like elegance and fragility her vocal offers and disjointedly unhinged with the booming beats creating an almost machine driven factory like setting. Her vivid lyrical imagery paints an outstanding portrait that reflects this all beautifully. Every little detail is depicted with such clarity as she builds this spellbinding new world out in front of us as she allows us to transfer our own personal experiences onto the landscape, forming something unique to us yet still oddly familiar. Her crystalline vocals are drench in a glamorous darkness that swells and sees the piece end on a glorious high.

This goes down as one of the debuts of the year for me. She’s a new artist who’s arrive with a bang. Her musical mission statement is something to be admired and her soundscape has me fawning over every speck of talent she has. A truly dazzling debut that is magnificent in every way imaginable.

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