Lil Mariko – Boring ft. Full Tac


I can still remember stumbling upon Lil Mariko and Full Tac during the last few weeks of December when they dropped the fever dream of hyper pop screamo glory that was Where’s My Juul. Their outrageous, off the wall and downright ball-busting music has turned the pair into the power couple of the hyper pop world, equivalent to Brangelina during the early 2000’s, with their creative partnership being unrivalled right now. Her distinctive screams contrast the bombastic electronic production as her IDGAF attitude gives the blunt lyricisms a sense of life and personality that is utterly brilliant.

All this and more is featured in their latest release Boring, mixing metal, hyper-pop, and techno this is an anti-Chad anthem about your least favourite high school jocks, so if you’ve got some pent up rage towards them, this is the perfect track to unleash it with. It’s a piercing piece that takes her iconic screams to the next level amongst an array of catchy hooks, “I’m not crazy, you’re just boring,” that will you’ll soon be screaming along with her. Honestly this whole song is the unfiltered thoughts we all have when we’re trapped in an endless conversational loop where all you want to do is be anywhere but there. This duo doesn’t play it safe, they go the full nine yards and push past boundaries to create music that’s hard to ignore.

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