Toronto based artist GRAE’s debut single is filled with heartbreak, sass, honesty and can only be described as the perfect empowering track that will help you move on from a break up easily. New Girl is for all of the girls out there with lowlife exes who’ve been, quite frankly, pieces of shit and her evocative songwriting and impassioned vocal get this message across effortlessly.

“I wrote new girl when I found out my ex boyfriend of a couple years ended up with the exact girl he told me not to worry about when we were together,” she tells us via email about how the song came about. “I found out on my birthday so it made for a pretty shit day but was also a great opportunity moment for a song.”

I adore the production of the track as it adds this ominous tension that makes the reveals of the break up, like the climactic moments during the final seconds of a Gossip Girl episode. It adds a sense of zealous with the forbidding strings and haunting percussions fusing with one another to make the emotion behind the track feel more portentous. Lyrically I find them to be incredibly relatable and I’m sure others would feel the same with, “I heard you’re with your new girl / Is she the one you told me not to worry about,” being a superbly strung lyric that is the soul of this track. Add GRAE’s saucy yet sass orientated vocal and a superbly shot music video that is mesmerising to watch and you’ve got a stellar debut that the majority of best selling artists would be jealous of.


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