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Acoustic guitar lead tracks can often become repetitive with it sometimes feeling like you’ve heard the track before it’s even begun, but then every now and again you manage to get artists like Elsa to add a bit of flair and ingenuity to it. The Stockholm based artist had previously released her debut single Two earlier this year and her follow up single All About You builds on her superb songwriting.

The track is beautifully textured with a soothing melody that manages to send all of your worries away after a stressful day along with Elsa’s sweet vocal that soars throughout. However it’s the production that steals the show here but not through big grand moments, but through the subtle pieces of synths that are placed behind the guitar that on first listen made me do a double take with my ears, I didn’t know that was possible. These little nuances build on the vulnerability and honesty of the lyrics to make a harmonious atmosphere where everything fits perfectly together. The song is a really easy listen with the breezy guitars and smooth vocal being made for lounging around in the sun during summer.


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