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Lu.Re merges classic house, 1920’s Jazz and modern RnB in latest single “Silence”

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 20.32.37.png

A lot of artists write and produce their songs in recording studios, but then you have artists like Lu.Re who does all of that, and more, in her Bethnal Green flat, in fact in her debut Rains you can actually hear overground trains passing by. She is the definition of a D.I.Y musician and she has been thriving with her music being picked up by the likes of Radio 1Xtra and Rinse Fm and I doubt that will change with her follow up single Silence being a unique fusion of Jazz, RnB and dance.

Whilst the track has many elements we’re familiar with but the way she fuses these elements together makes the track feel like a breath of fresh air with the piano melody being reminiscent of a smokey Jazz club on a Friday night and the laidback beats coming straight out of a classic house track being complete opposites but combine to become something wondrous. Her vocal has a wonderful vibe to it with a sultry undertone mixed with this soulful quality that allows it to melt into the soundscape. It’s like the 1920’s music scene was brought into the modern era, and with the 2020’s coming up soon, I am more than up for Lu.Re starting the new musical revolution.


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