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Montreal based artist KAYTA has already impressed with her previous single KARMA showing how talent of a songwriter she is as well as showing off her unique sound. Now she’s released a follow up that has continued to build on this with a warm and inviting atmosphere, but underneath that DRESS LATER is actually about the her struggles with anxiety.

Speaking to us via email about the meaning of the song KAYTA said, “I’m actually talking to my anxiety, to the worries I make up in my head. But at the same time, it’s also comforting myself by repeating that no matter what is happening, it’s happening for me, not against me. By the end of the song, I’m reassuring people around me who also deal with anxiety sometimes, like we all do. Since I’ve grown from stressful situations, I’m now able to use my learnings to reassure others but also myself.”

The Slovakian-Chillean songstress is a hybrid of multiple genres, with the laidback vocal styling of 90’s RnB, a hip hop styled production and the atmosphere of a classic jazz track, all different but they all come together beautifully. Then you’ve got the lyrics that are poignant as well as relatable with KAYTA’s melodic vocal consistently reassuring herself, “all I gotta do is focus on the bright side, don’t let trouble come around and leave it behind.” This song focuses on growth and how something we struggle with can often make us stronger and that is a poignant message that deserves support.


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