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After listening to the latest single from Boy In Space I can honestly say I’ve never heard anything that has made me feel this good about heartbreak. 7UP one of those rare songs that can make you feel the whole spectrum of human emotion that comes with a relationship from the dizzying euphoric highs to the crushing heartbreaking lows and makes you feel good just for experiencing them.

7UP is very simply about how love isn’t easy,” he explains to us via an email about the single as well as confessing his love of writing sad songs. “The lyrics portray this feeling in the context of your everyday neighborhood house party. Sometimes, we can get so caught-up with being in love that we let someone hurt us.”

There’s a beautiful irony in his name sake because his music has this cosmic sound that amplifies the small moments that happen in life that we take for granted but look back on as being something beautiful and special. This really is perfectly expressed in 7UP as he sings about the moments at the end of the relationship, the euphoria of those moments that made you love her in the first place and the quiet reflection of how it all helped you as a person. It’s this chaotic warmth to his music that makes this single so invitingly mesmerising and I think he is creating something special here.



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