Graham Bright – Redland


With only his sixth released single, Graham Bright, is a highly anticipated artist to keep your ears on for years to come. Put a playlist on shuffle with Redland mixed in and you’ll panic, swearing to your friends Frank Ocean just released a new single similar to his Channel Orange album. 

Graham begins the track with somewhat of a slow piano ballad and proclamation of reminiscence of someone he misses, but “that’s no reason to call” and may be best if the other person doesn’t miss them at all either. However, that reminiscing ends quickly with a strong power chord, catchy bass, and scratchy guitar with amazing production from Rayman On The Beat and Trakstar Wei. Punchy drums of kick,snare, and hi-hat continue throughout the track giving continuity with an isolation of the scratchy guitar and drums in the second verse. The bridge is short and sweet with authentic recorded claps and stacked vocals, as well as slow building drums back to the chorus as the track ends. 

The lyrical storytelling of Redland is an ultimate relatable replay for everyone. Moving into the first verse, Graham realizes the effort he puts in doesn’t exactly ever end in compromise but fights and in the end “what’s the fucking point of trying if I can’t see the silver lining”. The realization that there’s “only Redland between us” can make a listener understand that sometimes some people just don’t work together, especially with everything that may have happened to have tainted the relationship. The thought that “I thought it was greener” really stands the hope of constant optimism and “it’s only a month until Autumn” stands the awareness of how long this person has been on their mind. I appreciate the second verse with trying to make amends don’t make me any less of a man” and “rather right yourself than admittin’ you’re wrong” as a callout to another person’s actions and that being vulnerable to compromise doesn’t make a man any less masculine but rather in general, just a good person. Absolutely love Redland and know you will too! Keep connected with Graham Bright and his growing future music to come if you love Act Natural, Joey Purp, and Lucky Daye.

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