Tuxx – Tickets To My Funeral

When a song title features the word ‘funeral’ you’d usually expect a morose ballad with a quiet vocal and somber production that makes you want to look out of a window when its raining and imagine you’re in a sad movie. However when you specify that the genre is pop punk all that goes out the window as Tuxx, who’s giving off heavy early 2000’s Blink-182 vibes, explosively arrives with a sound that is bursting with life, ironic I know, in the track Tickets To My Funeral. I mean if you’re going to have one last final show, might as well make it your own funeral!

We start off with a solemn atmosphere before the heavy guitars arrive and we’re brought into a high octane thrill ride that fuses together the craziness of hyper pop, the beats of hip hop and the nostalgic rebellion of pop punk in one blisteringly fast paced number. It’s like a rollercoaster ride, you go on a maddening journey of pulsating brilliance and by the time it all ends, all you want to do is go round again.

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