Jackie Faye – Jackie Faye Adventures ft. Chow Mane


Featuring a vibrant music video that has just about every colour on the spectrum, similar to your average Saturday morning cartoon, as well as showcasing her off-kilter taste, Jackie Faye is landing stellar blow after stellar blow with her latest release. The Chinese-Korean-Texan instantly comes out of the gates swinging in Jackie Faye Adventures with killer bars that are infused with a fresh candour as she confidently expresses herself over pulsating 808’s and a fervent bassline to match. Include the bombastic arrival of Chow Mane and she demonstrates her unique perspective in the blink of an eye that will have you begging for more.

She commands your attention from the offset through her fearless nature of willingly pushing against the grain to take on a male dominated industry, becoming an immovable force in the process. Keep an eye on Jackie Faye because she came to slay as she allows the world to see her authentic artistic vision.

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