HIRA – Reminisce

Unconventional UK pop starlet HIRA creates music that sounds like a much cooler version of a 90’s boyband, think NSYNC* meeting the off-kilter world of Björk and you’ve got something close to his sonic landscape. The British-Indian polymath’s latest single Reminisce is him opening a door to what the future of modern pop could be, coming in with a unique perspective that experiments with the timeline of pop in an unorthodox fashion that is hard to resist. It becomes even more fascinating when you see him shift in the final third to an old school R&B feel that would give Boyz II Men a run for their money with the lush harmonies and sexual tension it creates.

This is ear candy that sees HIRA continue to venture into uncharted territories within the music world. His encyclopaedic knowledge of iconic pop sounds has become his biggest asset, knowing what came before him so he can go on a voyage off to discover new lands. One of London’s finest musicians.

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