ena mori – TALK! TALK!


Takashi Murakami’s Flowers in Heaven has become an ubiquitous symbol in pop culture, its vibrant technicolor petals and near-ironic open-mouthed smiles instantly recognisable. The artwork has been plastered across jewellery, clothing, pillows, but no song has captured Murakami’s hypersatured hysteria quite like ena mori and her new single TALK! TALK!. What starts off as a choral a capella fairy tale narrated by the Manila-based singer zig-zags between staticy hyperpop synths, phrenetic pitter-pattering rap, cymbal-crashing orchestral down-spirals, “Soothing” (the Laura Marling song)-like bass plucks, a receptionist-desk bell ding, percussive Fiona Apple-esque harmonies. It’s art pop seemingly derived from an actual piece of art—dizzying, hypnotic, and addictive, as if mori were skating down the Dean’s Staircase with the walls painted psychedelically. Why would you ever want to stop?

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