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Feel like you’re floating on air with Linney’s tender track “My Love”

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 07.38.58.png

Ever since we first discovered Linney we have review every single track she has released because there is something so utterly captivating, enthralling and damn spellbinding about her music. She manages to capture a wave of emotion effortlessly within her vocal and her latest single is no different.

My Love is an airy dreamlike track with the gentle plucking of an acoustic guitar leading the production along with a odd hit of a snare and a synth drum creating a serene ambience that has you feel like your floating on air. The tender and wistful vocal of Linney is heartbreakingly beautiful as she delivers lyrics about pining for a love she knows she will wait forever for. This song manages to capture that feeling of love effortlessly through the build up, at the start we’re given the quiet start of love with the fire crackling slowly at night, in the middle we get the sunlight shining on this wholesome love and at the end we get the climatic and emotional end to it.

Linney leaves us in awe with everything she produces and My Love is no different. Heart achingly beautiful, emotionally honest lyrics and a stunning production, what more could we ask for?



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