The first time I ever listened to Vesper Wood, half of the UK electro-pop duo Kaleida, I was utterly transfixed. She didn’t have a huge moments of a grand nature or require the use of a good hook, no she managed to enthral me with classic storytelling through painstakingly well written lyrics and a hauntingly emotive vocal laid over the top of a bare production and she continues this in her latest track.

From the start to the very end of Carson I was left hypnotised by her celestial vocal pining over the namesake of the song. This song takes your hand takes you on a journey with Wood’s vocal being your loving guide and transporting you to a place you never thought you would go. The minimal production of a piano, guitar and cello, towards the end, add to the intimate nature of the track and make sure you’re entirely focused upon the lyrics Wood’s is effortlessly delivering.

It’s hard not to lose yourself in Vesper Wood’s music and Carson is no exception. With her debut album, Instar, set to be released sometime this year it looks like we’ll be losing ourselves in her music more often than we expected.

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