Mal The Oddity – Right Now

For me personally storytelling is one of the most important things about songwriting, being able to weave a tale through compelling lyricisms is something I always look for in every song that is featured on this site and Mal The Oddity is a master at doing it. His lyrical waxings are highly impressive with melodic production he’s crafted to soundtrack the futuristic cityscape developing around him in NYC only complimenting this further as he demonstrates in Right Now.

The track came about during quarantine where he had to remain distant from his lover and here he playfully laments this fact over an 80’s driven production that wouldn’t feel too out of place in the Driver soundtrack. His vibrant vocals only expand on this sound further adding a deeper melancholy edge to the piece that makes the lyrics come to life and makes the connection we make all the more stronger. Highly recommend checking out the rest of his discography as he has nothing but amazing tracks.

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