– motions

The Phoenix based musician made waves in 2020 thanks to his expressive hyper pop sound with an alternative R&B undertone, candid storytelling alongside it and complete abandonment for any form of usual songwriting conventions. His disregard for tradition lead to his rise in the scene with his previous single tmb instantly becoming a fan favourite with the deep emotional vulnerability he offered, as well as his passionate vocal that made his belting moments feel like you were witnessing someone amidst a breakdown. He’s been steadily building his sound and he continues to shine today with his latest release.

Telling the story of a relationship that’s grown repetitive over time, motions deals with how despite all your home comforts, all you want to do is break free. With many tonal shifts, the track goes from eruptive volatile electronics explode across the sonic landscape with his fervent vocal adding the ferocity of the number to intimate bliss where the emotions come pouring out of like he’s crying into his pillow. Another powerful number from an artist who’s just waiting for that one big hit.

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