Creating music that transcends genre conventions and barriers placed before him, the Birmingham born and raised musician SIPHO. utilises the variety of sonic textures surrounding him to form a multifaceted soundscape that elegantly shifts to fit any authentic tale he wishes to weave for us. Majestically leaping from soaring lovelorn ballads that’ll make you swoon all the way to alternative hip hop songs that’ll have you losing your mind in the car as the hard-hitting bassline pulsates through your body. He thrives in whatever landscape he finds himself in, forming an intimate bond with his fanbase as a result as he unveils the deepest parts of his mind that we often leave unspoken. He’s authentic and fresh, which is why his music resonates with so many people.

Sampling Monsta Boy’s garage anthem I’m Sorry, BODIES further cements this artist as one of the most exciting and innovative acts to emerge from Birmingham in quite sometime. His all engrossing vocal commands your attention with the raspy tone capturing high amounts of evocative emotion that allows the distorted production of booming basslines to propel the sonic experience to new heights. Combine that with the aesthetically hypnotic music video and you’ll soon realise that his upcoming EP And God Said (which explores a variety of themes like religion, morality and rebellion, to name a few) looks like it could be something utterly brilliant. Keep an eye on this gem in the UK scene.

“For like a year and a half, I was really involved in church, very religiously aware of the things I was doing. Even the music I was making was really existential. But then eventually, I realised that everyone who came on the show with a story also seemed to have a book to sell, some special text that could ‘reverse your sinful DNA’. It was then that I realised there’s a 50/50 to this – you can believe, but we can never truly know. I’ll always have that awareness of something bigger than us, but I can’t tell you what it is. Nobody can.”

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