Ryan Hall – Pavement


Opening with a compelling hook that wriggles its way so deep into your head that you’d require an excavation crew to get it out, the Atlanta native Ryan Hall certainly knows how to make a song stay with you long after it’s finished play. He demonstrates this effortlessly in Pavement with an array of evocative flair filled lyrics capturing his inner battle of coping with love as he struggles to come to terms with his feelings and want something more than just a quick fling. The sonic portrait he paints opens a window into his soul with the forthright lyrics showing his fear of this love being unrequited, “can’t confess, so hoping that you can say it,” as well as how he just wants to know more about them, “I don’t wanna fuck, tell me ’bout your favourite albums.”

His hyper-pop production mixed with the classic punk edge amplifies the emotions to fever pitch as his strongest vocal performance to date makes you want to sing the hook from the rooftops. His Candy Corn EP built the foundations for his sound and now Ryan Hall is ready to build up as he gives us sonic treats that will soundtrack many adolescences and leave hotly anticipating what he’s going to do next.

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