PawPaw Rod – Glass House

I think it’s safe to say that PawPaw Rod had one of best debuts fo 2020 with HIT EM WHERE IT HURTS slowly growing into a viral hit with its funk filled bass line and nostalgic 60’s groove giving off a familiar yet vibrantly new vibe. From the Great Plains tornado belt of Oklahoma to becoming one of the most hotly talked about rising musicians of 2020, PawPaw Rod didn’t just make his voice heard, he instantly made an impact that had everyone turning their heads the second his music began to play in any room. Now we’re greeted by the next installation of his sonic palette with the laidback future summer playlist must Glass House.

The laidback woozy affair encapsulates everything we loved about his debut and bumps it up another level with the hazy melodies and funky bassline melting together to form a wonderfully summer filled vibe that casually caresses your ears like the breeze and welcomes you to the calming soundscape. His uniquely toned vocals add to this with his enthralling delivery adding a special flavour to his sonic world that gives it high replay value. Summer is just around the corner and this track is going to be on almost every summer playlist.

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