Thuy – 111


During a heightened time of worry, stress and overwhelming levels of anxiety it’s often easy to let the dark thoughts consume your ever waking moment and make the days seem like endless night. Throughout 2020 many people, both young and old, went through these feelings of dread that made even the sweetest of moments taste sour and LA-based R&B artist Thuy is one of those people. She went through a period of darkness that made her worry about the uncertainty of her own future but in her first offering of 2021 she faces them head on to help brighten up the year ahead for everyone.

111 is an introspective number as she takes us through the thoughts that plagued her mind before she reminds herself about where she came from, where she started and how far she’s come from those days. The stagnation of the year might’ve forced some of her plans to come to a halt but when you’re still you get to stop and smell the roses to remember everything you’ve accomplished in this time already. The coruscating melodies, celestial vocal and uplifting style makes the world outside seem like the peak of summer, despite being in the dead of winter.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m walking through life and I’m like motionless,” Thuy begins to explain. “For some people, it could feel like you’re just going through the motions and there is no intent behind anything because you’re dealing with all these demons and anxiety in your head. I deal with a lot of anxiety. There were many times where I was like screw music, I don’t want to do this anymore. But I remind myself ‘look how much you’ve accomplished. Don’t stop now’. I feel like this song can be relatable in so many realms … work, personal, relationships … and I just hope this message gets across to people to help them get through whatever it is they need to get through.”

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