If you haven’t had the pure pleasure of listening to THE BLOSSOM yet then this is your opportunity to dive head first into one of the most fascinating and compelling pop artists out there right now. They’ve carved out a special place for themselves in the music industry with their warped distorted vocal stylings shifting to fit their anti-pop soundscape as the plainspoken lyrics take a hold of you and have left many hotly tipping them to be the future of the pop industry as they venture into new sonic worlds that many of their peers have yet to discover. Their sonic identity is something to behold and it’s easy to see why so many people have fallen head over heels for her sound.

HARDCORE HAPPY was made for those long summer drives down the coast with the wind blowing through your hair with a group of your closest friends as you all belt out the memory filled hook of choral chants that is, “I WANT HARDCORE HAPPY.” The soundscape takes anti-pop but infuses it with hazy shoegaze melodies and dynamic hip hop beats, making it sound so freshly innovative yet nostalgically familiar. Blast this out on your speakers and let the intoxicating melodies take over.

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