Circe – Ten Girls

If you’re a fan of innovative and unique artists like Grimes and FKA Twigs then prepare to find your new addiction in the form of the London based dark art pop musician Circe. Sonically she’s very eery with ominous synths, brooding beats and a hauntingly beautiful vocal that come together to form this darkly visceral soundscape that wouldn’t feel too out of place in come Psychological Thriller movie soundtracks, you just have to listen to Ten Girls to understand that.

“Ten Girls was inspired by Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaids Tale – ‘There are ten marks on this cross’- a poetic but disturbing view of women living in a dystopian oppressive world,” Circe begins to explain. “This chimes with my own fractured generation of cancel culture, swipes of sex, and revenge porn

The lyrics are a call to action against the many forms of disturbing abuse and inappropriate behaviour all Women experience on a regular basis with the raw untouched nature of Circe’s vocal making this message even clearer. The ominous sound only elevates this message further within the darker elements of the song in a devastating way. It’s an apocalyptic pop at it’s finest and well worth diving head first into.

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