girlhouse – pretty girl in la

The Nashville based indie musician girlhouse has become known for her authentic storytelling as she pulls back the curtain on her own insecurities, love life and her journey to where she is today. A testament to this is pretty girl in la, from her new EP the girlhouse ep, which is a nostalgic look back at her time in West Hollywood trying to become an actress, only to get her confidence knocked down to a new low daily from not only her colleagues but strangers too. Hence the title of the track where people would drill into her head how she was pretty but not LA pretty, a rather soul destroying comment that lead to her believing if she was LA pretty all her problems and dreams would be solved.

Her intimate songwriting comes into full fruition here as she candidly expresses her deepest insecurities over an emotive alt rock production that is full of heart as the winding melodies wrap themselves around you and pull you into her headspace. It brings together everything that defines girlhouse’s music; candid, multifaceted, passionate and relatable to all who listen. This track is utterly outstanding and her EP is a marvel to behold, be sure to dive into both.

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