Hans Williams – Body on My Shoulders


Music has this magical ability to transport you away from the stresses, worries and fears that we experience in our lives. For a few brief moments we’re able to close our eyes and let all of our emotion out as the wistful tones of the music takes us away to a world where we let all of our emotions out and, in the aftermath, we feel like a great weight has been lifted up from upon our shoulders. Hans Williams is a prime example of this with his music offering a cathartic experience to all those who listen to his authentic sound and whilst listening can do this for many, writing the music can as well which is how Williams song Body On My Shoulders original began.

It reflects upon his first year of University where he was the first responder to a suicide, the fear and guilt consumed him as he lived one door away from the room where his reoccurring nightmares take place. This track allowed for him to begin the healing process and hopes that this track will inspire others to overcome tragedy with this track going from a somber opening with an acoustic guitar being the sole instrument before the ending where it is bursting at the seems with vibrant life that showcases the beauty all around us. It’s a spellbinding affair that will make you cry both tears of sadness and tears of joy knowing that a better day is just around the corner.

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