Willum Maindo – Don’t Cost a Thing

Don’t Cost a Thing could probably be played in the same Sunday brunch cafe as, say, SHENZI’s ‘Audrey’ : staccato keyboard chords as light as the breeze that blows in through the windows, an unobtrusive, steady conversation between the drums and their cymbals in the background, a blend of harmonies and timbres as sweet as honey, with a melody just as sticky stuck in your head. This is the trap with R&B, some people might say: How “innocuous” it is, how difficult it is to “mess up,” and how “bland” it comes off. But in the midst of splintering love, when “pictures off the fridge” might be all that’s left, wondering if that “special” spark is still there, the one we try to salvage and recreate over and over again, another question arises: Is it so wrong to just want something warm, comforting, innocent, hopeful, after all, it “don’t cost a thing.”

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