The future is variety, musicians creating a kaleidoscopic sound that, with a simple twist, can transform into something wildly different whilst still keeping what makes it so distinct to the artist to begin with. OLLIE CHANIN is an example of this new methodology adopted by modern artists as he uniquely pushes the envelope on what music he can produce by tearing up the conventional songwriting rule book and creating his own methodology in the process. Whilst most people try to stick within one genre box, OLLIE CHANIN breaks out and leaps from genre to genre like a gazelle to make something as unorthodox as it is majestic.

TAKE ME HIGH, his latest release, has an upbeat D’Angelo vibe to it with a compelling funk rhythm, lush brass section and flourishes of pure class that melt together to give his charisma filled vocal the perfect backing to hit dizzying highs and deep lows that are reminiscent of James Blake. The hook wriggles its way deep into the crevasse of your skull so that you’ll be humming it for months on end as the bombastically emphatic soundscape leaves you awe-inspired by the talent that is on display. OLLIE CHANIN is changing the game.

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