Madeline – Emergency Snack

Dallas native Madeline knows how to craft an anthemic pop track with hooks so good that they slowly creep up upon you until you find yourself blasting it out in the shower and belting out every word like you’re performing your very own concert in front of thousands of adoring fans. Whilst that is a fantasy for the majority of us this seems like something Madeline is fully capable of doing with her introspective lyrics being able to connect with the masses as her infectious melodies get your feet tapping and gives your body a much needed dose of serotonin. She’s even got Zach Skelton, who’s produced for the Jonas Brothers, Hailee Steinfeld and The Aces, working on her latest single.

Being reminiscent of current pop heavyweights like Katy Perry, Emergency Snack thematically focuses on a failing friendship that collides with the need of approval for relationships as she openly expresses her own indecisiveness during the situation. We start off with a tender backbeat and tender synths before we’re launched into the euphonic eruption of vibrant colour that is the chorus where the layered vocals spritely delivery an ear-worm of a hook that you’ll be humming for weeks on end. Madeline makes pop that icons in the game would be jealous of.

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