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Australia has a new pop icon in Blake Rose and his latest track “Lost”


One of the best things about new Australian pop songwriter Blake Rose is that his first introduction into music was by playing the didgeridoo at age five. You couldn’t get a more Australian introduction to music if you tried.

His latest single since his debut, Hotel Rooms, is establishing him as a future hit writer in the making. Lost has a laidback production that gets your foot tapping effortlessly with the a looping synth beat and guitar melody leading the track along with the melodic pop vocal of Rose that ties the whole thing together. One highlight of the track though is the chorus, it’s a hook that I can see thousands of people singing in unison at a Blake Rose gig, especially the, “So lost for you,” section.

Australia certainly has a new pop icon being born in Lost and he is called Blake Rose, certainly someone who can take over the world with well crafted pop hits.


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