8485 – hangar

Hyper relatable lyrics and intimate storytelling have always been at the core of the self-proclaimed independent pop star 8485’s sonic identity. Her vulnerable narratives are hidden away behind a myriad of emphatic electronic flourishes that masquerade the emo lyricisms as apart of the buoyantly jubilant soundscape, creating a unique juxtaposition in the process that is distinctly her own. She’s the archetype that hyper pop artists wish to follow, an artist who’s weirdness and unrivalled creativity combined with the manufactured digitised world we’re now living in, with a deep understanding of the complexities regarding the human condition to give us a sound that was poetically human yet simultaneous beautifully robotic.

Her debut EP plague town lives and breathes her ideology but the track hangar was something else entirely. Her computerised vocals glide across the highway of scintillating synths and utterly mesmerising digitised melodies that pull you into this uniquely emotionally encompassing universe that amalgamates the past and future together in symphonic glory. 8485 is what the future of music is, she’s what the next generation of young musicians will be looking up to in hopes of someday being able to emulate her.

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