Hrím – Tryst


It’s rare that a song can just bewitch you from the moment it starts to the moment it ends, to the point where when it’s finished you just stare into space questioning the beauty you’ve just beheld. That’s what happened to me as I listened to the Icelandic band Hrím’s latest majestic track Tryst, which left me simply awe of their talent.

The sound they have is unlike any other band out there with them combining elements of Nordic pop with the synth melodies, Icelandic folk with their music’s ethereal ambience and cinematic drums to create a grand sound that comes truly to life in the climax of the track. There’s a mystic feel to the track as well with these celestial vocals simply soaring throughout, as you’re listening it genuinely feels like you should be in a fantasy novel like Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit with the way this track just creates a vivid picture in your mind. It’s mystical, it’s bewitching, it’s ethereal, it’s simply a piece of art that you need to appreciate the full beauty of.