Maro – Heart to Spare

The ideal break up is when you separate from someone and you’re both easily able to move on with your life, no hard feelings, no pain, just a knowing goodbye where you’re both able to go your separate ways and move onto brighter pastures. However this is rarely ever the case because, more often than not, we retain these feelings and struggle to move on and when we finally do feel like we’re making progress they wriggle their way back into our lives once more and we start back from square one. It’s a painful lesson that we all figure out eventually in life and the young Lebanese musician Maro even wrote a song about it.

Being a heart wrenching expression of the powerlessness he experiences whenever his ex makes her way back into his life, Heart to Spare is a bedroom pop track with a difference. The optimistically buoyant production features a rhythmic bassline and some intoxicating melodies that contrast the more somber tone of the lyrical narrative to form an unique power dynamic that shows the highs and lows this love has brought to him. Capturing his honest emotions, this track is too relatable for its own good and will undeniably soundtrack many future heartbreaks over the coming years.

Speaking about the track Maro said, “In the moment I was writing Heart To Spare, i wanted to describe the feeling of not wanting to catch feelings again with the same girl, but everytime i’m close to moving on she just hops right back into my life ‘’then you walked in to the room’’, and since i haven’t fully moved on, it’s hard to fight it so in the pre chorus i’m telling her, you left me lonely last time and broke my heart, so i don’t have another heart to spare, it’s like one of those video games where you have 3 hearts and if you end up losing them all you’ll have to restart from the beginning, and i don’t wanna get to that haha.”

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