Ahmad Anonimis – Inhaled

With a fervent flow powered by his unorthodox style of rapping, Ahmad Anonimis has been making sure that he is anything but anonymous with his quirky lyrical wit making him stand out like moon in the night sky. His creative passion was fuelled from an early age where he would spend hours listening to R&B and Hip Hop music on YouTube until he was 13 where he tried his own hand at it. He found joy within his craft with his meditative lyrics becoming his own form of self expression and before too long others began to notice the high calibre of work he was consistently producing.

His latest release Inhaled is no exception to this with his clever lyrical stylings bouncing off of the somber rhythmic production that shows off his undeniable flair in his songwriting. Spending his youth as a music connoisseur has allowed him to develop an excellent taste for addictive melodies, witty punchlines and expressive flows that have all amalgamated into a idiosyncratic sound that commands your attention from the offset.

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