The left-of-centre pop duo CRITTER brighten up any room their music is played in. Their core beliefs are rooted in making music for fun, you won’t find a dreary ballad within their back catalogue, instead you’ll be greeted by infectious pop numbers with tongue in cheek lyrics that will have you smiling like a Cheshire cat as their buoyant soundscape of addictive melodies take away the grey clouds and leave us with a balmy summers day. Their music is joy in sonic form, each track they drop is like liquid sunshine, their debut PFC was a prime example of this and their follow up LEMME only builds upon this further.

The duo’s sunny disposition encourages all to go out their and live life to the fullest as their foot-tappingly good melodies bring you into their jubilant world of breezy vocals that gently drag you down into a blithe mindset as the ebb and flow of the lyrical flow paints you a picture of your ideal life. When the weather outside is perfect for sunbathing, this is the track you blast out to make the good vibes flow and good times roll.

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