mehro – not alone


Without a doubt mehro is cementing himself as one of the most talented rising songwriters around right now with the Gen Z artist pouring out his soul to us through his pensive lyrics detailing heartfelt stories on the human nature and everything that entails it. We’ve compared him to Jeff Buckley in the past and with every release that comparison rings more true with his majestic arrangements and evocative vocal prowess building a new sonic world where you’re not afraid to express your emotions, in fact you’re encouraged to let them all out in a euphonic release that thrives within his music.

His EP SKY ON FIRE just came out and it’s a spellbinding affair but there was something about not alone that struck a chord with me. His tender indie vocals are surrounded by mesmerising guitar riffs that put the main focus on his storytelling as his lyrics draw you out of the mundane and into somewhere utterly enchanting. It’s a piece that has the ability to resonate with anyone and that’s exactly what makes mehro so brilliant, he writes music for the every man, he doesn’t tailor his songs for certain people, he makes them for everyone. Utterly gorgeous.

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