John Harvie – Bleach (On The Rocks)


The resurgence of the early 2000’s pop punk sound has been one of my favourite music trends to happen in recent years with an abundance of artists bringing the sound into this new era for a whole new generation to grow up with and unleash their angst to whilst belting it out top volume in their bedroom. Capitalising on this nostalgia ladened soundscape, Nashville based musician John Harvie injects the rebellious sound with the heavy beats of hip hop and classic pop hooks that wriggle their way into your head to give this sound a much needed facelift. He gives a nod to the past whilst keeping himself facing forward to give us a bona fide summer bop that was made for long drives with the windows down where you feel undeniably free.

Bleach (On The Rocks) is anthem with it’s loud in your face style match beat for beat by his high spirited vocal that makes it impossible to sit still whilst this blasts out. Featuring a chorus that was made for belting out at the top of your lungs with a group of friends, attention grabbing guitar riffs, raw captivating lyrics and a vocal encapsulates everything I love about this genre. This is modern punk with a difference that captures the essence of what made the original genre the sound of a generation and pushes it beyond its old territories. A stadium anthem in the making with a future stadium headliner John Harvie performing it.

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