Kaleida – Feed Us Some


Something I find myself being constantly drawn to as an avid music fan is artists with quirky or unique vocal performances. There’s something about these types of vocals that just enthral me and result in me consistently going back to the music over and over again just to hear that mesmerising vocal one more time to fully appreciate its beauty and the vocalist of the transatlantic duo Kaleida has done that to me for a while now. Her ethereal Kate Bush influenced vocal just has an effect on me that no other vocalist has right now and the production in their latest single Feed Us Some only enhances that joy further.

It’s an eccentric feel good anthem focusing on getting through tough times that has an air of Roisin Murphy about it, which makes sense considering they were on the road with her at one point. Weirdly wonderful is the best way to describe the sound of the track with is looping beats and distinct piano melodies crafting a luscious soundscape that manages to remain both optimistic and eerily haunting, that in itself is a feat. I’m going to be playing this on repeat for some time to come and I highly recommend diving into this duo’s discography, it’s more than worth it.

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