Storm Ford – 21

Storm Ford started out her journey by performing around local venues in her home town of Providence, Rhode Island, ranging from small gigs with 50 people, to crowds of 3000. Throughout her high school career she received rave reviews from both her peers, and popular musicians in her local area, so she decided it was finally time to do something with her music. During her senior year she set out to record all the songs she’d written since she was 15, creating her debut Highest Mountain in the process that discussed family, intimacy, self-discovery, and healing. As expected, it made waves that rippled through her local community and has only expanded as she’s grown as an artist.

Enter 2019 where she drops In the Moment: A Process, showcasing the early workings of her music. Taking away the studio professionalism, countless edits, and hours of mastering that goes into the process, Ford decided to deliver a raw vulnerable performance that unveiled the beauty of the early stages of creativity. In amidst a wave of highly polished crisp music, Storm Ford stood out with an emotionally charged EP that was her artistry at it’s finest.

It’s been three years since that EP, and today we get to witness her evolution as she transitions to the next stage in her artistic journey. 21 is stripped back to the bare minimum, leaving the lullaby themed melodies of an acoustic guitar, and mesmerising piano keys as the foundation for what will eventually become a skyscraper of a track. Ford’s honey drizzled voice cascades over the soundscape, using little vocal inflections to pack an emotional weight behind her brutally honest, diaristic words. Her pain hits you with the force of a freight train in motion, and by the end of the track you’ll be in tears reaching for the replay button.

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